The Secret to Success

To me, success is not contingent upon monetary gain. It is not defined by how much money you have acquired or by obtaining anything of materialistic value.

Success is not an action that is to be bragged about. Success is humility, hard work, and preservation of ideals crystallized within one’s own belief system. Success is not prestigious in the sense where you gain approval by your peers or are praised by others. Success is humble and helps those who surround its aura. Success nurtures those whom need guidance. Success is the highest regard to one’s happiness. However, people try to intertwine success with how much you have earned and how much you have to show for.

When it is how much you have learned. How much experience you have gained. How many connections you have made. How many lives you have altered. Success is not something that the human eye can see. It is something that the human soul and heart can feel. Success is a word that has been misconstrued to be an idea that is of dollar value. Instead, success stems from multiple places, many people, through an infinite amount of ways. Success is not an action that comes easily. Nor will you ever truly be successful because if you are “successful” you have limited yourself to your true abilities and have hindered your own achievements.

Success means that you are always improving.

You are constantly evolving and molding. You are impressionable. If you wish to be successful, you must know that you can always be better than what you were yesterday. That you can always aspire to be more. Finally, you must have the most fiery, passionate, and lethal intrinsic motivation to be successful. In reality, there is no secret to success, or shortcut. Those quick-easy schemes do not produce success.

Success cannot be defined, because if you truly wish to be successful you will constantly redefine the meaning

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