Fear of Rejection

I just encountered the most awkward person in the world a few nights ago.
I have contemplated, argued with myself, and drained myself completely trying to understand this person’s actions. I have wanted to justify them because those actions have made me absolutely insane.

I reek of depression, psychotic nervosa, and apathetic angst. I have wanted to control every living cell in my body from allowing this individual to make me go into an epileptic state-of-mind.

Why do we become so uncomfortable with the idea of rejection? The idea of romantic rejection. Why does rejection allow the mind to become infested with disease and perversion?

The very core of this rejection is hard wired into our minds and branded onto our interior insula cortex that we have cornered our desires and have trapped them there for all of humanly eternity.


Which then leaves a big question of, “why?”

Why? Why do we let rejection dictate our lives? Our love interests, our futures? Rejection isn’t what supports us, it’s what motivates us to do insane and sometimes delusional things.

Some dwell in this idle hell because rejection is stemmed from the idea of fear. The fear of being unwanted.

This issue ping-pongs back and forth In my mind daily. Why should this rejection , societal awkwardness, rule my life?

It’s something to think about the next time someone rejects you at the bars, denies you a kiss, or ignores your love calls.

Why let fear rule me? The question should be: “Why let fear be a part of me?”

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