The Thigh Gap

Some sulk in front of the man-made mirror , hoping that their healthy, different, thighs magically shrink. Some religiously hope that the gap will magically grow over night.

Women obsess over beauty standards , to a point where they no longer believe they have value. It’s sickening that value is based upon how you “look”. It is appalling that women view themselves as unattractive, unwanted, or unloved.

Why must women torture themselves? It is a skewed and idolized dream and some women want to be the ultimate “sex symbol”. However, has anyone ever imagined a world where beauty was perceived from the soul? The aura?

Some women constantly bash themselves , but don’t understand the root of the “why?”. If you ask a woman why she wants to be thinner, her response is either because she feels that she will be more beautiful, attractive, or wanted. But why must our self-worth be determined upon our looks?

society’s idea of a submissive, under appreciated, unintelligent, sex object is increasing in numbers. Where women aren’t perceived as individuals , they are perceived as a consumerist object. Women, teenagers, and children are engineering themselves as objects instead of humans.

We have forgotten the power of our minds. I know I sound like some crazy, feminist, who doesn’t wash her hair, or see the light of day, but I am a woman who sees that there is not just beauty, but a soul.

A soul surpasses any beauty standards. A soul is comprised of experiences, emotions, quirks, flaws, and love. We have become so blind to the external part of a person, and have forgotten what it is like to look deep into someone’s eyes, to understand what science cannot. To believe what religion cannot explain. To love what cannot be standardized.

The gap between human love and understanding is bigger and far more detrimental , than the gap between your thighs.


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