What is love?

Storybooks, Disney movies, and married couples seem to have love figured out. But what is love? This question has been deeply rooted into our tortured souls. We ponder, while our dreams of melancholy slip into our consciousness. Our insecurities of living a life without love becomes apparent and we falter at the idea that we may lost. We sensationalize the concept and hope that we breech the surface.

Love is a diluted word that seems to have no definite meaning. I question the idea of love on a regular basis. Living a life alone has seemed enticing from the get-go. I never fantasized a life with Prince Charming, a whirlwind romance, a picturesque wedding, or celestial bridal gown. I never believed that love was a fairy tale. Even after being force fed this ideal, I only regurgitated the longing of finding whatever this “love” was. After being bombarded with multiple conventional symbols of love , I figured that I was the only one who hadn’t begun to grasp this seemingly meaningful idea.

To this day, I have encountered many “loves”, flames, and flings. I hold onto these attachments, because it comforts me. However, I thirst for more. I want to be captivated and bewitched, I want my whole to be enraptured in the very ecstasy of another being. Is it possible to find such a euphoria?

This leads me to my next belief, that love is a soul. A soul that tantalizes you. It is intoxicating , it is comfortable, it is free. A form that is impressionable and is molded by its creator. I may lead a life having only found one love, many, or none. However, I want to lead a life where my journey knows no bounds and where love is not just a poetic sample of my life.

Love is whatever you define it to be. Love is not something a dictionary can stamp a seal of approval on. Love is not something two people share. Love is ever flowing, spirited , and stubborn. Love is not defined because it can’t be.
It is a shell that morphs from your experiences and spirit. You will always question what the meaning of love is, because you will never know the true meaning. It evolves as you do, and it takes the purest form of life.

So when you ask what love is, remember you will never know and accept the fact that you will always be discovering new meanings.

Because love is not meant to be described or defined, it is meant to be felt.

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